Enjoy the movie!

Once you have entered your user specific password, you are ready to go. The movie is about 2 hours long, so sit back and relax. We also would like to recommend watching this with popcorn or some snacks. Don’t forget to bring some tissues too! 

A couple of instructions are laid out below, regarding playback and full screen options.

Play Button and Play Bar

Play and Pause whenever you want (As long as you won’t go beyond the two hour and 30 minute duration for your schedule. Once those minutes are up, you cannot access the video anymore). 

If for some reason, the browser refreshes and you find yourself at the start of the video again, just click or tap on the play bar on the time you were last watching. 

The Play Button and Play bar will appear anytime you click or tap anywhere on the video area.

Full Screen Mode

On the left side of the Video Logo (which is Kaibigan), you would see the full screen button, looks something like four arrows pointing outward in a diagonal way. Click or tap on it to make the video occupy the full area of your screen.

The Full Screen Button (just like the play bar and play button) will appear anytime you click or tap anywhere on the video area.

The movie Kaibigan is produced by Perkinspiredflix, Inc., a company whose goal is to produce Films and TV Shows that are God-glorifying, Faith-based Family-friendly and Values-oriented.



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