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In a culture where society is in danger of being shaped by bad influences, two young men who started out as rivals from different backgrounds find themselves suddenly thrust into a situation where they have to work things out together. Both are struggling to be relevant and are searching for meaning while their parents are struggling to connect. Will they find out the real meaning of Kaibigan or friendship? Will they all be able to overcome differences, find hope and experience redemption?
Kaibigan is a Perkinspiredflix Production, directed by Daniel Tan with actors Stephen Baldwin and Cesar Montano. Kaibigan also introduces the Perkins Twins (Jesse Perkins and Christian Perkins), with special participation of Tirso Cruz, Boots Anson-Roa, Lani Mercado, Jean Garcia and Alvin Anson. Also starring Emmanuelle Vera, Anjo Damiles, Janina Vela, Danica Ontengco, Carla Martinez, Bani Baldisseri, Archie Adamos, Johnny Dagami and more!


Jesse Perkins
as David Santos

Jesse is the older half of the Perkins Twins. Born two minutes older than his brother Christian, he is the more outspoken one. He’s not just good at sports, he also is good in music…

Christian Perkins
as Jake Anderson

Christian is the  younger half of the Perkins Twins. Taller than an inch from his brother, he is more of a thinker. But he also just like his brother, good in sports and music…

Stephen Baldwin
as John Anderson

Stephen is a talented hollywood actor. Starred in films like The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome, and Born on the Fourth of July. To the current millenial and Gen-z, he is better known to be…

Tirso Cruz III
as Ed Santos

Tirso is a very talented, multi awarded actor. He has been in the Philippine Show Business since 1969. He is not just an actor, he also is a singer and a comedian…

Cesar Montano
as the Guidance Counselor

Cesar is very versatile actor, and has starred in numerous films ranging from drama to action. He is also multi-awarded. He is also a director…

Jean Garcia
as Jake's Mom

Jean is a very well know actress who starred in multiple films and television series (Pangako Sa ‘Yo and many more). She also is multi-awarded…

Boots Anson-Roa
as Jake's Grandmother

Boots is a veteran, multi-awarded and talented actress who has been in the Philippine show business since 1968. She has a Lifetime Achievement…

Lani Mercado
as David's Mom

Lani is a Filipino actress-politician currently serving as Mayor of Bacoor. She previously served as a member of the Philippine House of…

The movie Kaibigan is produced by Perkinspiredflix, Inc., a company whose goal is to produce Films and TV Shows that are God-glorifying, Faith-based Family-friendly and Values-oriented.



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